Welcome to my new website.

Welcome to my new website.
April 1, 2016 Armand Bayardi
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For a long time I’ve wanted to offer my customers crisper and more vibrant images of my products and to provide a more intuitive and efficient ordering and payment process.


  • Please browse through my products.  I’m sure you’ll find many accessories and architectural elements that will enhance your modeling projects.
  • Check out our events page to see where Betsy and I will be vending this year.
  • Visit my tips and tools page for some techniques that I would suggest for assembling and painting my products.
  • And, if you are interested, go to the about the artist page to see how I got involved in the business in the first place.


I handcraft all my masters and produce my resin castings in my studio in  Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  My ultimate quality control comes from performing every aspect of the business from prototype to packaging myself.  Take a few minutes to browse my site.  Hopefully, you will find something which will  compliment your modeling project.

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Dear Friends,

After 29 years of making and casting resin items, I find that it is about time to retire.  For both business and personal reasons, I have decided to move on to other things.  Over the years I've taken great pleasures from the work; one of greatest has been helping you - my customers.

I will continue to maintain my website and keep selling items from inventory.  This inventory is pretty large and should last for quite a while.  However, when the items are sold out, they will not be replaced.  I will keep you informed as this happens,

Thanks again for your patronage in the past.  Best wishes always,
Armand Bayardi