Armand Bayardi.
Model Maker.

I was born in 1948 into a family of jewelers and engravers. They were craftsmen who brought their skills from Europe to America many years ago. I was raised in an environment that stressed honesty, hard work and attention to detail. One of my fondest memories is of going into the shop as a boy and learning how to use the jeweler’s tools.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved miniatures and making small things. In 1968, Uncle Sam invited me into the U.S. Army. When I returned from Vietnam in 1970, I entered the family business. I worked at making molds and casting gold and platinum.

In 1971, Betsy and I got married. We’ve weathered all of the highs and lows together – raising two fine children along the way. Today, Betsy is an integral part of my business. Mostly, she reminds how to be nice.

I was involved in various aspects of the jewelry trade until 1992. At that time, I decided to start up a company to provide miniaturists with accessories and various groundwork and architectural elements cast in resin. The skill sets for making masters and molds, I had, but casting resin was very different from casting precious metals. After much trial and error, I developed a casting technique that met my quality standards. As they say, the rest is history.

Mine is truly a cottage industry; there is no manufacturing plant in China. It all comes from my “cottage”. From prototype to packaging – I do it all, the ultimate quality control. All that I try to do is provide my fellow miniaturists with the best product that I can make.

And that’s about it.



Dear Friends,

After 29 years of making and casting resin items, I find that it is about time to retire.  For both business and personal reasons, I have decided to move on to other things.  Over the years I've taken great pleasures from the work; one of greatest has been helping you - my customers.

I will continue to maintain my website and keep selling items from inventory.  This inventory is pretty large and should last for quite a while.  However, when the items are sold out, they will not be replaced.  I will keep you informed as this happens,

Thanks again for your patronage in the past.  Best wishes always,
Armand Bayardi